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GIVING TUESDAY: NOVEMBER 30, 2021 through DECEMBER 31, 2021

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What if our nonprofit is not a SHARE Detroit member?
-If your organization is not eligible for SHARE Detroit membership, your information will not be included on ShareDetroit.org for Giving Tuesday. However, your organization may still use SHARE Detroit's Giving Tuesday marketing tools to drive traffic to your own website to solicit donations and additional forms of support. When these marketing tools are available, they will be linked above for download. 
-If your organization intends to become a SHARE Detroit member, the deadline is November 15. 
-Non-Members: Sign up to receive email updates about SHARE Detroit campaigns, for non-member nonprofits.

What is Giving Tuesday?
Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world. Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Over the past years, this idea has grown into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

Why is Giving Tuesday on November 30th this year?
Globally, Giving Tuesday is always set for the Tuesday following Thanksgiving.

Will Giving Tuesday compete with my year-end giving campaign?
SHARE Detroit's Giving Tuesday efforts are meant to complement your nonprofit's existing Giving Tuesday campaign. However, if you choose, you can use Giving Tuesday to reinforce your year-end fundraising campaign. The momentum generated by this massive day of giving can help carry you all the way to January.

What is SHARE Detroit's focus this year?
- Our goal is to promote #GivingTuesdayDetroit to drive traffic to ShareDetroit.org, and to encourage cash donations for our nonprofits. In addition to that, we want to give away money to participating nonprofits to help them in their ongoing efforts.
- Though SHARE Detroit will focus the 2021 Giving Tuesday message on cash donations, community members can choose to engage with nonprofits through volunteerism or donations of items. Globally, neighbors are also encouraged to share acts of kindness and be radically generous in ways beyond dollars.

How can our organization receive donations through SHARE Detroit?
-We encourage you to link your Giving Tuesday messages to your SHARE Detroit donate page.
-Gifts through your SHARE Detroit donate page will be deposited directly and swiftly into your PayPal account. You may not link your SHARE Detroit donate page to any link other than your PayPal account. 
-Your donation report may be accessed in real time by logging into your PayPal account.
-Donors may pay using their PayPal account or check out as a PayPal guest with debit or credit card, without an account. 

- If your nonprofit does not have a PayPal account, they can opt into the SHARE Detroit Paypal. To learn more, please email Pam Debono.

What is SHARE Detroit's role for Giving Tuesday?
SHARE Detroit provides a central platform and coordinated marketing and public relations for 230+ local causes to take advantage of this global day of giving. Our goal to encourage community-wide giving by giving away over $15,000 throughout the month of December.

Is this free for our nonprofit to participate in?

When can I start promoting and submitting for tickets?
NOW! #GivingTuesdayDetroit starts now and goes through the end of 2021, so get started!

Is there a deadline to join in?
NO. You can start submitting for ticket items now, and go at whatever pace fits your nonprofit! All nonprofits on SHARE Detroit are welcome to join in our #GivingTuesdayDetroit initiative at any point through the end of December.

Are the entries for the drawing based on the number of tickets we have for the previous week (so that it would make sense to spread out our tickets)? Or are they cumulative (so it would make sense to get as many as possible as soon as possible)?
The tickets are cumulative, not weekly,. Meaning that your tickets do NOT reset each week so you're able to fit it into your schedule more easily and can fit everyone's desired level of involvement.

Can certain ticket items be combined? For instance, if I write a social media post asking our followers to sign up for Share Detroit eblasts, do we get credit for both a social media post and asking people to sign up for an eblast? Or just one of those?
You absolutely can combine ticket items! Just make sure to submit for BOTH ticket items, not just the one. Unfortunately there is not a way to select more than one ticket submission at this time.