SAY Detroit

13th Annual SAY Detroit Radiothon

Broadcast live for fifteen hours from The Somerset Collection in Troy, MI, the annual radiothon celebrated its thirteenth year in 2024. The day’s entertainment brings together all parties—the people who benefit from these charities, famous folks who wish to call attention to them, and most importantly, people like you who wish to help. Viewers can watch the live stream on, listen on WJR 760AM,  and give through donations and by bidding on auctions and “purchasing” autographed memorabilia or gift cards.

Since its first broadcast in 2012, the annual radiothons have raised over $14.5 million to help the poor, the homeless, families without homes, children without medical care, students hoping to reach the college of their dreams and veterans who have hit hard times.  All funds raised benefit SAY (Super All Year) Detroit, an umbrella 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that funds programs like the SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic, the SAY Detroit Play CenterWorking Homes/Working Families, the Dream ScholarsA Time to Help, and several other local charitable efforts who care for our city’s neediest and work towards a revitalized Detroit.

Event Type
Event Setting
Virtual Event

United States

Additional Virtual Event Instructions
Watch the live stream, listen on WJR 760 AM, or watch in person at from the North Grand Court of The Somerset Collection in Troy, MI
Thursday, December 5th, 2024, 6am - 9pm
Duration of 15 hours