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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Sam Beals, CEO
Main Address:
8131 E. Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, MI 48214
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Mentor or Tutor Refugee and Immigrant Youth at Samaritas

Our goal is to help refugee and immigrant youth living in the United States become independent, self-sufficient adults. We are looking for tutors and mentors in the community to help us achieve this goal.

About the Youth
Our Unaccompanied Refugee Minor (URM) Program serves youth who arrive in the United States prior to their 18th birthday without an appropriate adult to provide for their care. These youth are coming from ALL regions of the world and are placed in foster homes with the goal of helping them develop independent living skills for the best and brightest future possible.

Needs of Refugees
Refugee youth have fled their home countries due to war, persecution and/or other unsafe living conditions. During their flight, they were separated from parents, relatives or anyone else who could care for them. Many of these youth have experienced many years without adequate care. Upon arriving in our country, these youth have high expectations of American Life that are not always realistic. While highly motivated to become independent, they still require a great deal of guidance and support.

Our Vision
The Refugee Mentoring & Tutoring Program works to provide appropriate adults to help meet the specific needs of the individual youth. We want mentors that help youth adjust to a new culture in the United States as well as improve their personal social and independent living skills. Tutors in our program should be patient enough to work with youth as they develop their English skills and help youth develop positive study habits for their success.

Basic Requirements
 18 years of age or older
 Available for a commitment of at least 4 hours a month, for 9-12 months
 Complete Required paperwork including interview, background checks, and references, & TB test
 Complete a required training program- Providing you with the tools needed to build a successful mentor/mentee relationship
 Excellent Driving record with valid license, registration, and insurance
 Complete basic monthly log of contact and activities with youth; mentors receive mileage reimbursement
 Meet with Mentor Coordinator quarterly- as a support to you and your mentee

 18 years of age or older
 Available for a weekly commitment of 6-10 face-to-face contact hours for 3-6 months
 Complete required paperwork including interview, background check, references, & TB test
 Excellent driving record with valid license
 Complete monthly progress reports and invoices
 Minimum requirements: Associate’s Degree or college Junior/Senior with relevant experience
 Provide copies of resume and most current transcript
 Tutors are compensated with an hourly rate based on education and experience: starts at $14/hour

**During COVID-19, meetings may be virtual and any in-person meetings will require COVID-19 screening questionnaire.


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