Brilliant Detroit

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Cindy Eggleton
Primary Contact Name
Cindy Eggleton
Main Address

5675 Larkins Street
Detroit, MI 48210
United States

What We Do

Brilliant Detroit was founded in 2016 to provide a radically new and coordinated approach to  kindergarten readiness in the city of Detroit. However, we are more than an organization – we are a community dedicated to building kid success neighborhoods where families with children 0-8 have what they need to be school-readyhealthy, and stable

Because we believe in a “with, for, and by” model, we only enter a new neighborhood when we’re invited in. We conduct months of listening sessions, and build relationships and buy-in from neighbors and community leaders. Once this is achieved, we purchase and renovate a vacant house, and transform it into a community home-based hub. Many of our hub staff come from the neighborhoods and are expert relationship-builders. As a result, children and families feel a sense of comfort and trust once they enter our bright orange doors, especially since we are right down the street!

With the support of over 100 partner organizations, we provide access to programs, services, and resources in the areas of education, health, family support, and neighbor-to-neighbor connections at each hub location. We currently have 14 operational hubs spread throughout every area in Detroit, and an additional 4 purchased and in the process of renovation. Our goal is 24 locations by 2024, at which point we will be able to create “population-level change” to the literacy statistics in the city.


Interesting Info
  • We have served about 10,000 children and parents/caregivers in the city of Detroit since 2016.
  • Over 80% of brain development happens by age three. That's why we start early, with programming for babies, pregnant moms, and new parents.
  • We plan to have 24 Brilliant Detroit hubs by 2024 so we can change the literary statistics in our city!
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Volunteer Opportunities

Brilliant Morningside honors Earth Day!
Repeats annually on the 22nd of April at 5:00pm for 5 times
Duration of 2 hours

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