My Safe Haven

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Lue Della Graham
Primary Contact Name
Lue Banks
Main Address

18457 North Dr
Apt 46
Southfield, MI 48076
United States

What We Do

We were commissioned to help track down and find missing and exploited children & young adults. We have hired a staff of: A private detective, bounty hunters, lawyers and drivers, a total of up to 20 people to collect tips from people from 'last seen' neighborhoods, informants, anyone who can help us track down these people and young girls who are coming up missing. Statistics show these people comes up missing around big events held in the cities. Holidays are the most busiest, and we are educating our young people about suspicious activity surrounding them such as a paneled van with no windows following and watching you, predators on the internet promising modeling jobs, etc. It takes a nation to at least put a dent in the high number of missing persons cases which 99.9 % are trafficking victims because it has become big business, "Sex for hire". Help us help find our women and children.

Interesting Info
  • We support Project Noah which is a non-profit helping pregnant teens finish school and transition back into society after the birth of their babies among other
  • We are waiting now to go and rescue three children that was taken without the mother's consent nor the court's by their biological father.
  • To save our women and children from these predators out here preying on them just to make a dollar.
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