T.E.A. (Teach Empower Achieve)

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Donor Engagement Specialist
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🌟 Volunteer Opportunity: Join Us as a Donor Engagement Specialist at T.E.A.! 🌟

Are you passionate about building connections and making a difference? Do you thrive in the digital landscape and enjoy engaging with others on social media platforms? Become a Donor Engagement Specialist with T.E.A. (Teaching, Empowering, Achieving) and play a vital role in our fundraising efforts!

Objective: Serve as a bridge between T.E.A. donors, external stakeholders, and our organization, enhancing communication and support for our mission.


  1. Utilize the agency's mailing system to email donors regularly.
  2. Maintain quarterly contact with donors via phone calls.
  3. Assist in publishing and distributing the agency newsletter.
  4. Aid in the creation and dissemination of the agency's e-newsletter.
  5. Review and manage entries in the CRM database, providing reports and insights for development purposes.


  • Passion for social media engagement and adeptness in platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.
  • Proficiency in various digital marketing tools and strategies, including web content management and paid advertising.
  • Detail-oriented, responsible, and flexible with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated experience in digital marketing, preferably in diverse contexts.

Desired Characteristics:

  • Open-mindedness and respect for diverse values and lifestyles.
  • Flexibility in engaging with donors and adapting to their preferences.
  • Consistency and reliability in communication and tasks.
  • History of fostering healthy interpersonal relationships.
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence conducive to effective communication and engagement.

Time/Location: Flexible scheduling and remote work options available.

Length of Commitment: Minimum commitment of 1 year.

Preparation and Training: Engage in the enrollment process and receive comprehensive training (2-3 hours) with our dedicated T.E.A. staff.

Ready to make an impact through digital engagement and communication? Join our team as a Donor Engagement Specialist and help us further our mission at T.E.A.! Apply now to get started on this rewarding journey.

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1 individual
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Monday, May 27th, 2024
Repeats daily for 334 times
Opportunity can occur at any time, day or night, within a selected date range.
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