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Northville Community Foundation is looking for individuals who can help locate grants that can be obtained to meet the overall mission at Maybury Farm. The funds raised are for the animal care, education and over all maintenance of Maybury Farm through grant writing  We have over 100 farm animals that need care and attention each day, along with 34,000 guests who visit the farm to learn about the farm animals, gardening (how your food grows), and for the calm green spaces where families can enjoy their time to get away from the craziness that if our world today.  All the funds raised go right back into the farm for the wellness of community in the Greater Detroit Area.

This person would be writing for searching for grants for us to apply for what we do at the farm, i.e. education for all ages, sharing farm animals with the community and teaching them about farming & gardening.  The Animals have such a calming effective on both young and old.  We are a hidden gem in the Township of Northville on state park land, put not funded by the state park.  All funds raised come through admissions to the farm, educational opportunities, fundraisers, donations & sponsorships and the grants that this individual would be helping to write.  

Tasks include searching grants that can be granted to us that meet our great mission/cause & need at Maybury Farm.  MF will work with you to how to research the internet so that MF can pull the proper paperwork and complete the package with help from the Executive Director.   She will educate you on what grantors are looking for in order to give to our non-profit.  You will work with our granter writer to ensure that the application and data meets the directive of the grant the individual found for us.  

The individual(s) for position could be General or if they want to be a intern we are open to that as well.


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Tuesday, May 28th, 2024
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