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Social Media Engagement Volunteer
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Social Media Engagement Volunteer

Organization: Arab Women United

Location: Virtual/Remote

Duration: Flexible

About the Organization: Arab Women United is a non profit organization created by women for women. 

Our diverse and inclusive organization of international women leaders, is dedicated to providing resources for women in underserved communities. 

  • We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for women to gain access to the personal and professional resources.
  •  Our goal is to create pathways that help to bridge the gap in inequities between Women from marginalized groups. 
  • Our mission is to create a inclusive and safe  environment for women in underprivileged communities. We provide a space that supports, encourages and inspires women of all races, ages, and backgrounds to reach their fullest potential.

Position Overview: The Social Media Engagement Volunteer will play a crucial role in amplifying the nonprofit's message and increasing its online presence. This volunteer position offers an exciting opportunity to utilize social media platforms to engage with the community, raise awareness about our cause, and drive action towards our mission.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Create and curate engaging content for various social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.
  2. Monitor social media channels for comments, messages, and mentions, and respond promptly and professionally.
  3. Implement strategies to grow our social media following and increase engagement metrics such as likes, shares, and comments.
  4. Collaborate with the marketing and communications team to develop social media campaigns and initiatives aligned with organizational goals.
  5. Stay up-to-date with social media trends, best practices, and algorithm changes to optimize content performance.
  6. Assist in scheduling and publishing social media posts using management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer.
  7. Track and analyze social media metrics and prepare regular reports to assess the effectiveness of campaigns and identify areas for improvement.
  8. Participate in brainstorming sessions to generate creative ideas for social media content and campaigns.
  9. Engage with influencers, partners, and supporters to foster relationships and expand our online reach.
  10. Represent the organization professionally and uphold its values and brand voice across all social media interactions.


  • Passion for the nonprofit's mission and a strong desire to make a positive impact.
  • Excellent written communication skills with the ability to craft engaging and compelling content.
  • Proficiency in using various social media platforms and familiarity with social media management tools.
  • Creativity and the ability to think outside the box to generate innovative content ideas.
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail, with the ability to multitask and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a virtual team environment.
  • Previous experience in social media marketing or digital communications is preferred but not required.


  • Gain valuable experience in social media management and digital marketing within the nonprofit sector.
  • Opportunity to make meaningful contributions to a cause you care about and create positive change in the community.
  • Flexible schedule and the ability to work remotely from anywhere with internet access.
  • Professional development and networking opportunities within the nonprofit sector.
  • Recognition and appreciation for your volunteer contributions to the organization's mission.

How to Apply: Email resume to

Size of Group
1 individual
Type of Opportunity
Sunday, May 5th, 2024 - Monday, May 27th, 2024
Repeats daily for 365 times
Duration of 23 hours 59 minutes
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Work from Anywhere
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