T.E.A. (Teach Empower Achieve)

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Volunteer Self-Sufficiency Coach
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Are you passionate about making a positive impact in someone's life? Do you have skills in coaching, mentoring, or guiding others towards success? Join our team at T.E.A. (Teaching, Empowering, Achieving) and become a vital part of our mission to support adults in reaching their full potential!

Objective: Become a beacon of positivity and guidance for adult participants at T.E.A. Develop meaningful friendships through shared activities and empower them to excel in their professional endeavors. Assist with resume building, cover letters, and online profiles, and hone interview skills to prepare them for success.


  1. Cultivate a one-on-one relationship with a participant, providing consistent support, encouragement, and mentorship.
  2. Engage in various activities that foster connection and growth.
  3. Meet time and contact requirements to ensure meaningful engagement.


  1. Minimum age of 18 for community program participation.
  2. Stable employment and residence.
  3. Ability to maintain consistent communication.
  4. Access to reliable transportation.
  5. Willingness to complete the T.E.A. enrollment process promptly.
  6. Demonstrate maturity, stability, judgment, and motivation.

Desired Characteristics:

  • Open-mindedness and respect for diverse values and lifestyles.
  • Flexibility in activity selection based on participant interests and goals.
  • Demonstrated reliability and consistency.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a history of healthy relationships.
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence suitable for mentoring.

Time/Location: Flexible scheduling, with several hours commitment twice a month. Activities may take place at the participant's or mentor's home, or in community settings.

Length of Commitment: Community program: Minimum recommended commitment of 1 year.

Preparation and Training: Engage in the enrollment process and receive comprehensive training (2-3 hours) with our dedicated T.E.A. staff.

Ready to make a difference? Apply now and embark on a rewarding journey of mentorship and empowerment with T.E.A.!

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Wednesday, May 29th, 2024
Repeats every 2 days for 334 times
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