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SHARE Detroit Nonprofit Spotlight: Grandparents on the Move

Written by Katie Shubnell    on August 30, 2022    in
Grandparents On The Move was established in 2003 to support the needs of grandparents and other caregivers who have the responsibility of raising the children of their family members.  

 The organization was founded by Ms. Nora Murray, current President of Grandparents On The Move, who after the deaths of her son and daughter-in-law, became the primary caregiver for her granddaughter.  Through this experience, Ms. Nora witnessed firsthand the needs for support, resources, services and childcare specifically for caregivers in similar situations. Over time, she communicated these needs to members of the community and established a team of individuals who joined her in working tirelessly to find a solution. 

SHARE Detroit Celebrates Reading Month!

Written by Katie Shubnell    on April 21, 2022    in

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
-Dr. Seuss

Last month was National Reading Month but at SHARE Detroit, we are proud that many nonprofits on our platform have missions that support reading, literacy and education.

While there is no doubt that all of the nonprofits on our SHARE platform are leaving a significant impact, we are happy to recognize the following few that support the value of reading and literacy.

InsideOut Literary Arts

InsideOut's mission is to inspire students to think broadly, create bravely, and share their voices with the wider world.

Since 1995, InsideOut Literary Arts has helped over 65,000 youth in Detroit build their literary and academic skills through creative writing.

Nonprofit Spotlight: Glamorous Moms

Written by Katie Shubnell    on March 4, 2022    in
With the idea in mind that “all Moms are glamorous,” Shannon Lazovski founded Glamorous Moms as a fashion and beauty blog nearly 17 years ago.  Quickly, this platform became an influential source and full business for Shannon as she provided readers with inspiration on fashion, health and beauty advice. The goal in mind was to provide support to help Moms keep their self-worth and self-confidence strong. 

Celebrating Black Excellence with the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Written by Katie Shubnell    on January 18, 2022    in

Since 1965, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History has been a source for education and inspiration for the City of Detroit.   Through permanent and traveling exhibitions, the goal of this treasured institution is to provide visitors with greater understanding, acceptance and unity by reflecting on the triumphs and tragedies of African-American history. 

It's Gala Season!

Written by Katie Shubnell    on September 21, 2021    in

At SHARE Detroit, one of our favorite things is working with nonprofits on our platform and help them “do good” by promoting the many ways to support their efforts.
Fundraising events are a great way to become acquainted with a new organization.   With the fall season upon us, many community members are ready to open up their calendars and schedule some time for outings and festive occasions with friends. Several of the nonprofits we are proud to work with have formal fundraising events lined up this fall and we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of them to give our readers the chance to be a part of a unique and impactful experience.  Follow us on social media to keep an eye on formal and informal ways to support the wonderful work of the nonprofits who are a part of the SHARE Detroit family.

Autism Alliance of Michigan

Written by Katie Shubnell    on September 1, 2021    in

Autism Alliance of Michigan!

Our team at SHARE Detroit is happy to have an organization with the mission and reputation of Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAOMI) as a part of our platform.  We are grateful for the opportunity to “share” more about their important work with our community.  
To start, it may be helpful for some to learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in order to comprehend the impact AAoM has on the individuals they serve. 
ASD is a neurobiological disorder that typically affects development within the first three years of life.  It is characterized by deficits and symptoms such as impaired ability to communicate, impaired social interaction, restricted and/or repetitive interests and sensory issues relating to over or under sensory stimulation.  

A Beautiful Me

Written by Katie Shubnell    on August 24, 2021    in

A Beautiful Me, Inc. is the brain child of Karen Palka, a Mom with a son and two daughters, who back in 2008 recognized the need in her Port Huron community for a program that would build self-esteem for young girls and teens.  Karen was a successful business owner, she took her time and utilized her network to develop the concept for the mission of A Beautiful Me.   After consulting with friends and colleagues on the direction of the organization, she determined the ultimate goal of A Beautiful Me was to empower youth and strengthen communities by supporting the development of confident young women who would grow into healthy decision makers.

The Special Olympics of Michigan

Written by Katie Shubnell    on August 9, 2021    in

As we celebrate the patriotic experience of the Summer Olympic Games, our team at SHARE Detroit found it fitting to highlight the wonderful work of the Special Olympics Michigan.  We are proud to have this nonprofit on our platform and are inspired by their reputation and commitment to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition to children and adults with intellectual disabilities.   

The first Special Olympics Games in Michigan dates back to the summer of 1969 at Western Michigan University.  In the 1970’s, the presence of the Special Olympics of Michigan grew when they hosted the 4th International Summer Special Olympic Games in Mount Pleasant in 1974 and then sent 90 athletes with 22 coaches to the 5th International Summer Special Olympics in Brockport, New York four years later.  

The Bottomless Toy Chest

Written by Katie Shubnell    on July 27, 2021    in

Mickey Guisewite’s life was forever changed when her son was diagnosed with leukemia.  The typical day-to-day “worrys” she had as a mother of a teenager were quickly replaced with concerns and conversations regarding her son’s critical health.  When her son began treatment, they were in the hospital 24/7 for days and sometimes weeks at a time.   During that period, her family was lucky to have a strong support system to help with the extra challenges they faced.  Thankfully, Mickey’s son responded to treatment and was able to pick up where he left off as a healthy, active teenager