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Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit

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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Christopher Rutherford
Main Address:
5110 Bellevue St
Detroit, MI 48211

What We Do

Deconstruction is the planned and systematic disassembly of buildings, which allows component parts and pieces to be removed without damaging them, so that they may be reused. To find out if your structure may be a candidate for deconstruction, contact Kevin Gastelewicz at

Soft Skimming
Where deconstruction is not possible or needed, soft skimming is the removal of materials such as doors, hardware, cabinets, flooring and light fixtures that are easy to remove.

Sale of Salvaged Materials
Materials gathered from deconstruction and skimming are made available for sale on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please contact us via phone or email to inquire about what you are looking for. We are very limited on what we have available currently.

Job Creation and Training
Salvage work is labor intensive, creating more jobs than demolition and most other economic activities. We provide training to prepare workers for salvage, but also for other work as well.

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