Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Ms. Russanne Marie Bucci, Director
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Russanne Bucci
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The Art of Group Conversation c/o Advancing Macomb Inc
25 N Main St
Mount Clemens, MI 48043
United States

What We Do

What is the Art of Group Conversation?

The Art of Group Conversation (AGC) is a way to bring people together. Members of a group gather with  a facilitator who  leads them through an enjoyable process of building connections and increasing understanding. Participants match memories and share experiences in a warm, safe and accepting environment. It is a great way to get better acquainted, it is not a place for debates. 

What is its special function?

AGC is most valuable as preparation for future group activities. After participants have gotten acquainted and discovered what they have in common, they are more effective at communicating together. Group Conversation sessions are engaging and useful ice breakers at the beginning of a project, and they can get a group ready to collaborate at their best.  

How does it work?

The process is led by a facilitator who chooses a topic that will be of interest or importance to group members. Everyone sits in a circle and is welcomed and briefed on simple guidelines. The facilitator uses specially designed questions developed to stir memories related to the theme. As one person shares their recollections, it prompts related memories in others, and participants start excitedly, comparing notes with warmth and humor. The sharing brings out diverse experiences and reveals common values and feelings. Participants remark about feeling a sense of connection, increased interest in each other, and more trust.

Why is it effective?

Group Conversation does not address anything controversial, there is no discussion of issues or decisions to be made. Participation is spontaneous and group members have the option of passing at any point. The dialogue focuses on topics that have broad appeal and that tap into important memories connected to family, friends, enjoyable activities and nature. Group members report enjoying learning about each other's differences while realizing “how much we have in common.” Feeling better acquainted, relaxed and familiar with each other, group members report being able to “work at their best,” and “bring out the best in each other.”

For information about hosting or learning to facilitate the Art of Group Conversation, contact Russanne Bucci, The Art of Group Conversation, 586-909-2765

Interesting Info
  • AGC is based on a dialogue process designed by Dr. Rachel Davis DuBois prior to WWII to address anti-semitism in New York City classrooms!
  • Just in this past year, we've expanded Group Conversation into the virtual space & connected with people all over the world!
  • Dr. Martin Luther King asked the founder of Group Conversation, Dr. Rachel Davis DuBois to train Civil Rights workers to facilitate these dialogues in the south
Russanne Bucci with Dr. Mai Nguyen, Associate professor at Amsterdam University. She is known as a bridge between cross-cultural communication and the field of neuroscience.
Founder of the Art of Group Conversation Dr. Rachel Davis DuBois about a decade before her death in 1993 in
AGC Training Team bringing Art of Group Conversation dialogue to the staff at Arts Academy in the Woods.jpg
Upcoming Art of Group Conversations in March and April