The Detroit Creativity Project

Year Founded
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Beth Hagenlocker, Executive Director
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Beth Hagenlocker
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The Detroit Creativity Project
2937 E. Grand Blvd
Detroit, MI 48202
United States

United States

What We Do

Every child should have the opportunity and support they need to succeed. We are working to empower and inspire young people through improvisation, an art form that fosters confidence and teaches a creative and collaborative approach to life. Our flagship program, The Improv Project, provides free year-long courses and workshops to K-12 youth at Detroit area schools and other local nonprofits. We also offer workshops for educators who want to use improv techniques in their classrooms.

Interesting Info
  • We teach more than 1200 youth and the educators who work with them to improvise each year.
  • The University of Michigan's 3-year study of our programs shows improv helps youth overcome social anxiety and build social skills.
  • We're building a youth-led advisory team to give input on our programs.
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