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Looking for an opportunity to use your volunteer hours to make a difference in people’s lives?  If you have skills in marketing and fundraising the volunteer Marketing and Development Director position at Dearborn Pastoral Counseling Center (DPCC) might be right for you.

The DPCC has a 40-year history of providing accessible mental health counseling services.  We offer a choice of faith-based or secular counseling services at a cost consistent with an individual’s ability to pay. We serve everyone with care, compassion and respect. Our Client Aid Fund helps under- and uninsured clients receive needed counseling.

There is an enormous need for mental health services in the greater Dearborn community.  At DPCC, we’ve re-committed ourselves to do more in 2024 -- to reach more people who are in need and to make more funding available to support those who cannot afford care on their own. 

Here are some more details on the position:


  • Experience in marketing and fundraising, either in a paid or volunteer position.
  • Good networking and public speaking skills. Success in this assignment will depend on being able to connect with groups and individuals in the community who can help spread the word about our services and who can financially support our cause. 
  • An understanding of mass and social media. Promoting our services and events requires an understanding of how to effectively use these resources.
  • Good organization and leadership skills. You’ll be planning our major fundraising activities and leading other volunteers in running these events.
  • A little creativity!  We need help in breaking through the clutter and noise to reach people with our messages and fundraising.   





  • Help us write a marketing and fundraising plan for DPCC. 
    1. Part of this plan would include helping us identify groups and meetings in the community that would be a priority for us to engage with regularly. Joining the board members in a rotational schedule of meeting with these groups.   
  • Help us plan and execute at least two fundraising activities annually.
  • Make recommendations for external communications, play an active role in implementing these communications and directing others to carry out the plan (Facebook, news releases, etc.)
  • Meets with the Board of Directors at quarterly board meetings and at other times as needed to provide updates and guidance.

Finally, it’s a volunteer position, so we are reluctant to specify an exact number of hours needed for the position, but we think about 12 hours per month would be necessary to achieve these goals. 

If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please reach out to our interim executive director Bob Pattullo at 313.274.4570 or via email at  You can also learn more about our organization at

Number of Volunteers Needed
1 individual
Type of Opportunity
Wednesday, July 17th, 2024
Repeats daily for 365 times
Opportunity can occur at any time, day or night, within a selected date range.
Location Details
At Nonprofit's Location
Indoor Project
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