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Celebrating Black History Month 2024 in Detroit

It is Black History Month and here at SHARE Detroit, we want to highlight two of our Black-run nonprofit partners who are doing good in our community.

The first nonprofit is Young People Travel (YPT) Global Edge. YPT Global Edge provides travel opportunities to Black youth in Detroit. According to founder Sanya Weston, people often get the misconception that these opportunities amount simply to vacations. However, YPT Global Edge’s education and travel programs help students grow as leaders, experience new cultures, continue their education, develop financial literacy, and engage in community service. A mother whose son participated in YPT Global Edge had this to say: “My son's experience in your program played a pivotal role in him being awarded the Oprah Winfrey Scholarship to Morehouse College. You introduce[d] him to the love of international travel and he says he couldn't imagine not traveling internationally.” 

Participants in YPT Global Edge had the opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela's grandson in January 2024 and their learning will continue into this year's Black History Month. Weston said the focus for this month will be on educating students on the "global support network" that has developed in response to supporting African Americans in the United States. Through YPT Global Edge, students can learn more about their heritage "from Ghana to the Caribbean" to further understand Black history from an international perspective.

If you want to support YPT Global Edge in continuing to provide enriching experiences for Black youth in Detroit, you can contribute financially to their cause. If you have experience traveling internationally, you can also get involved by becoming a mentor or by sharing your story during their Saturday learning journey programs.

Our second partner spotlight this month is Women’s Innovated Social Enterprise (W.I.S.E.) Partnership. W.I.S.E. is a nonprofit founded and led by Black women devoted to uplifting Detroit through a variety of social justice initiatives. When asked about the importance of Black History to their mission, Executive Director Barbara Kellom stated, 

Black history to Black women encompasses a rich and multifaceted narrative that reflects our resilience, strength, contributions, and struggles throughout history. Our stories have played pivotal roles in shaping culture, advocating for civil rights, and making significant strides in various fields. It is our charge to represent the trailblazers and icons who have paved our way, like Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisholm, and Maya Angelou and to pass along the courage, leadership, and artistic contributions they have given to this world through their brilliance and tenacity.

One of the ways W.I.S.E. carries forth this legacy is through initiatives such as the Community Center of Rights & Equity (C-CORE), which advocates for civil rights and societal transformation, and programs such as Victory Village Center of Literacy & Learning, which partners with colleges and schools to improve educational equity. 

At W.I.S.E., the fight for justice is ongoing with the past informing the present. Kellom affirms, “[Black history] recognizes the diversity of experiences within the Black community and emphasizes the need for inclusivity, understanding, and appreciation of Black women's unique contributions and perspectives.” If you would like to support W.I.S.E., you can do so by volunteering at events, donating financially, participating in programs, and spreading awareness of their mission. You can also hear W.I.S.E.’s full perspective on Black History Month in their YouTube video, “Celebrating Black History.”

We encourage our readers to support Black-led nonprofits during Black History Month (and every month!) to help support Black futures in our community and beyond.


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