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How Detroit Nonprofits Embody the Spirit of Women’s History Month

SHARE Detroit is always growing and this year, we’ve welcomed two nonprofits onto our platform whose missions center women’s needs: Arab Women United and T.E.A. (Teach Empower Achieve). Since March is Women’s History Month, we decided to interview these organizations to introduce them to our community!

Arab Women United was founded in 2020 by a group of immigrant Arab women, including Zahraa Alrafesh, seeking to connect a fractured community that was not able to meet the needs of its members, especially women. Urgent issues such as gaps in financial literacy and rates of violence against women pushed Alrafesh and others to develop a nonprofit that would “serve as a unifying force, bringing women from diverse backgrounds together in solidarity,” offering mental health services, fostering entrepreneurial opportunities, and leading awareness campaigns. 

If you want to get involved with Arab Women United, they are always welcoming of volunteers who can help with event planning, marketing initiatives, and grant writing. You can also become a member by sending a simple email with your basic information and why you'd like to join. Being a member of Arab Women United comes with the following perks: Arab Women United merchandise, priority access to event seating, networking opportunities to expand your business, access to coaching and professional development services, and, most importantly, a supportive community of women who uplift and empower one another.

Arab Women United is deeply committed to empowerment, education, and unity. They offer workshops and seminars to educate women in the community. Educated women are then empowered to make choices and act with confidence. The work of Arab Women United is a continuation of that by generations of women fighting and uniting with one another to make the world a more equitable place. Of this history, Alrafesh states, “Women's History Month serves not only as a period for reflection but also as a poignant reminder to honor and commemorate the invaluable contributions of those who have relentlessly strived to enable us to pursue our aspirations.”

Donovan Neal, the executive director of T.E.A., shared a similar reverence for women trailblazers, especially those in workforce development, commenting that “women's history serves as a guiding light, reminding us of the resilience, determination, and accomplishments of women throughout time, despite facing immense challenges and barriers. For us, women's history is not just a celebration of past achievements; it's a driving force that informs our mission to eliminate employment barriers and create inclusive opportunities for all individuals, regardless of gender.”

T.E.A. was founded in 2016 by Amy Peterson and Diana Roginson as an outgrowth of Rebel Nell, a sustainable jewelry company that employs women facing barriers. Peterson and Roginson knew there was more they could do for their community and so they started T.E.A. T.E.A. partners with businesses to “identify employment needs and job development solutions” and then provides mentorship and skill development for job seekers. If you would like to get involved with T.E.A., you can visit their profile to learn more about how skills you may have in coaching, teaching, marketing, and social media can contribute to their mission.

T.E.A.’s impact is far reaching, as we can see in the experience of Kim. Kim, a single mother of three, was an employee at Rebel Nell on the verge of homelessness when she started training with T.E.A. who provided her with microloans, rental assistance, and legal assistance. From there, Kim was able to start her own nonprofit, Safe4Autism, where she is able to pay forward the assistance she herself received. 

Nonprofits like T.E.A. and Arab Women United perfectly embody the lasting impact these organizations can have on our communities by empowering individuals to make change in their own lives which then has a ripple effect on those around them. This is also what Women’s History Month teaches us: that women working individually and together can reshape society for the better.

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