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How to Intern with Nonprofits in Metro Detroit

Are you a young professional seeking to diversify your work experience? Or someone interested in stepping into the world of nonprofit organizations in a professional capacity? SHARE Detroit is here to help you develop your hard and soft skills by providing an easy way to search through a variety of opportunities! 

You can find professional opportunities on SHARE’s website by going to our volunteer directory where you can use our sidebar options to search for positions including internships, committee member positions, and board member positions.

refine search

As you search through the results and find an internship, for example, that is appealing to you, you can contact the nonprofit directly through the “I’m Interested!” button on the opportunity’s page.

If you’re not particular to the type of role you want to undertake at a nonprofit, but you do have an idea on what you’d like to contribute based on your abilities, know that you can also search volunteer opportunities by skill set.

research further

Another option if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our directory of volunteer positions is to go to our full nonprofit directory to search all nonprofits and set your parameters for what causes you’d be interested in supporting. From there, you can check their websites or reach out to them to see if there are any opportunities they have that they haven’t posted on SHARE.

However you get in contact with your next nonprofit partner, SHARE Detroit is here to make your search simple!

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