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Mission Monday: Featuring Kevin's Song

Welcome to this week's Mission Monday!

May was dedicated to Mental Health Awareness, we are proud to promote another wonderful organization that addresses this important topic.  Kevin’s Song is a newer member of our SHARE Detroit family and the impact of their work in the community is one that many are familiar with and have benefitted from.  

Kevin's Song was founded in 2013 by Gail and John Urso following the death by suicide of their oldest son, Kevin.  After his death, John and Gail learned of the numerous local, state and national organizations working to prevent suicide and became familiar with resources for survivors of suicide and attempt survivors.  They reasoned that if they were not familiar with these resources until after they lost their son, there were likely many others in the same situation. 

Through Kevin’s Song, Gail and John address the “epidemic” of suicide. With close to 50,000 people dying by suicide in the US each year, this is a serious public health crisis but one with resources that can help prevent this number from growing. 

In January, 2021 Kevin’s Song sponsored its Fifth Annual Conference on Suicide.  Each year approximately 400 mental health professionals, educators, medical professionals, human resource professionals, first responders, clergy, survivors and the general public attend the conference to learn about the latest research in suicide prevention as well as the best practices being successfully implemented to stop suicides.

In addition to the annual conference, Kevin’s Song holds twice monthly support groups for loss survivors. During COVID-19, these support groups met virtually and have now included survivors from throughout Michigan and across the country.

Kevin’s Song benefits from local partnerships including Detroit Public Television who supports the organization through programming and produces the annual conference. The Children’s Foundation is also a valuable partner working with Kevin’s Song to promote suicide awareness and prevention.

The founders hope that individuals want the public to know that suicide affects all ages, races, ethnicities, genders and socio-economic status. They work to inspire people to become involved in the efforts of the organization, knowing that their support will help Kevin’s Song save lives. 

Find the Kevin's Song page on Share Detroit here. Please visit to learn how you can help them in their important work or find resources to support a friend in need.

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