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Mission Monday: Featuring KnowResolve

Featuring: Know Resolve!

Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in the month of May since 1949.  This initiative has helped educate the public on the variety of mental illnesses that affect nearly 20% of Americans. Over the years, the intention of this month has grown to educate and break down the stigma associated with these types of illnesses and promote activities and habits that support our mental health. 
At SHARE Detroit, we are proud to have nonprofit organizations that support mental health on our platform.    In recognition of this month, we are pleased to highlight Know Resolve, an organization with a compelling history, mission and powerful resource in our community.  
The mission of Know Resolve is to promote mental health and prevent youth suicide.  Know Resolve was founded in 2007 by Dennis Liegghio who lost his father to suicide when he was a teenager.  His last words with father were in anger and consequently, he spent many years internalizing the complicated grief that accompanies a suicide loss. His outlet became music. Dennis started writing songs and wrote one about his dad called “No Resolve”.   

After being invited to perform at a suicide survivor’s support group, Dennis found sharing that song with other people who experienced similar tragedies to be a life changing experience. From there, Dennis was inspired to take action to break down the stigma of suicide and he found talking openly is often the first step towards hope. 

Know Resolve’s first event was a benefit concert to raise awareness.  Following that event, Dennis received invitations from local schools to perform his song and talk about suicide prevention. The presentations were well received and very soon this became his full-time job. 

Since 2007, Know Resolve programs have reached more than 140,000 students! In 2018, Know Resolve reached their goal of opening The SHED - a youth-driven, after-school center for teens to create, connect and confide. Everything offered through the SHED has a strong focus on the arts and restorative practices such as yoga and meditation. 

Since becoming a beacon for mental health and suicide prevention in our community, Know Resolve is acknowledging and launching the “Detour Project.”  Lovingly referred to as their “Covid baby” they have been working with teens on this project for a year with the intention of connecting teens to brain health through the arts.  They want to do something fun, positive and relatable that shows they are not just talking about mental health, but also doing something about it.  To learn more about this project and participate, please also visit
Dennis hopes that through the work of Know Resolve, people will learn that suicide has less to do with “mental illness” and more to do with human suffering. He shares the hope that there are proven methods and strategies out there to  empower ourselves and be better equipped to listen and empathize with those who are suffering in silence.

We are grateful to Dennis for the time and insight he shared with us on the important work of Know Resolve. To learn more about Know Resolve and other organizations making an impact on the topic of mental health, please visit our website –
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