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Native American Heritage Month

“We must go beyond the arrogance of human rights. We must go beyond the ignorance of civil rights. We must step into the reality of natural rights because all of the natural world has a right to existence and we are only a small part of it. There can be no trade-off.” - John Trudell

November is Native American Heritage Month. Although SHARE Detroit is currently only partnered with one nonprofit that works explicitly with indigenous needs (American Indian Health and Family Services of Southeastern MI), we still feel that it is important to celebrate this month. 

Detroit was founded on the traditional lands of the Ojibwe, Ottawa, and Potawatomi, who together make up the Anishinaabe nation’s Council of Three Fires. Land acknowledgements such as these ensure that we remember the history of the spaces we occupy and the events that made our current operations possible. 

Land acknowledgements also make the continued existence of tribal nations evident. The United States federal government recognizes 574 tribes and American Indians and Alaskan Natives make up 1.1% of the US population. Issues of tribal sovereignty, land ownership and usage, cultural preservation, and individual and communal health remain important to indigenous groups in the US. 

If you are in search of a nonprofit to support this month, we recommend that as you check out our directory here, you do so with a mind towards supporting the youth and environment. As the Haudenosaunee nation reminds us, all decisions must be made with the next seven generations in mind and so young people and the earth we all share should be our top priorities.

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