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New Beginnings Animal Rescue: Cat's Rule

Written by    on May 17, 2021    in

Nonprofit Spotlight: New Beginnings Animal Rescue!


SHARE Detroit is proud to have New Beginnings Animal Rescue as a part of our nonprofit community. The organization started in 2010 to provide the best care possible for cats.

Meet New Beginning Animal Rescue and learn about their organization’s significant work.

What sets NBAR apart is the simplicity of their motto – “cats rule”. They are a no-kill, 501(c)(3) non-profit cat rescue. NBAR opened in response to the recession. There was  great need for pet food so that pets could stay with their owners even if the owners couldn’t afford to feed them.  NBAR created a pet food pantry. This food pantry is still available today. 
Despite the resources provided by NBAR, in some cases, cats could not stay with their families. The organization then found foster families to take care of them until adopted into new, forever homes.  In 2013 they opened an Adoption Center. 
Another unique aspect of NBAR is that it is completely run by volunteers.  NBAR knows that volunteers are the heart and soul of their organization and is proud to share with donors that they do not have any paid staff. Consequently, every penny  donated goes directly to the cats and their care.  All cats receive full medical treatment before they leave NBAR so in many cases, donors are literally saving lives and creating new beginnings for cats that otherwise may not have had a second chance.
The leaders of NBAR say they are powered by cat hair. Knowing they are making a difference and staying true to their mission has kept the organization’s, momentum strong.   Through their services, there have been countless occasions where the volunteers have seen their hard work pay off. One time a NBAR volunteer rescued 13 Persian cats from an overcrowded house. Volunteers watched these cats transform from matted balls of fur to happy purring family members.   Another time they rescued a kitten, covered in glue from a dumpster and rehabilitated her until she was placed in her forever home.
By building awareness for the organization, a very kind Samaritan knew to contact NBAR when she saw cats being thrown out of a car window on her street. When NBAR met those cats they were sick and very scared. After caring for them and ensuring they received medical treatment, the cats all were adopted into wonderful families.  
The team at NBAR loves witnessing the day-to-day transformations of cats who are revived and given health, take a chance on a new human, becoming the center of their world is what keeps them going. To learn how you can help New Beginnings Animal Rescue, visit their profile on Share Detroit.