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SHARE Detroit Nonprofit Spotlight: Grandparents on the Move

Grandparents On The Move was established in 2003 to support the needs of grandparents and other caregivers who have the responsibility of raising the children of their family members.  

 The organization was founded by Ms. Nora Murray, current President of Grandparents On The Move, who after the deaths of her son and daughter-in-law, became the primary caregiver for her granddaughter.  Through this experience, Ms. Nora witnessed firsthand the needs for support, resources, services and childcare specifically for caregivers in similar situations. Over time, she communicated these needs to members of the community and established a team of individuals who joined her in working tirelessly to find a solution. 

Through a partnership with Detroit Public Schools, the group formulated a plan to provide children with after school activities, school programs, and family events that were designed for these members of the community. With a child’s wellbeing at the forefront of what they work toward, they offer programs and activities that support grandparents and caregivers to reach their goals and full potential. Through this collaboration, “Grandparents On The Move” was able to provide programs to over 300 children within the Detroit Public School system.   

Over time, GOTMO’s impact has grown outside of Detroit Public Schools. Thanks to support from generous donors they have sponsored activities such as father/daughter and mother/son dances that allow families to socialize and unite. GOTMO is a resource around the holiday season and offers educational programs that support building strong families.

The team at GOTMO is currently preparing for their upcoming Gala on September 11th! The event will feature a live band, comedian and a buffet with delicious food! Other activities include a silent auction, awards ceremony, and dancing. The proceeds will help fund this years GOTMO "Kids for Christmas", in addition to helping grandparents/caregivers continue to receive free programs, services and resources to build a solid foundation for the children that they are raising.   

For more information about the organization and Gala – visit the GOTMO page on SHARE Detroit!

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