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Farmworker Appreciation Day

“I have met many, many farmworkers and friends who love justice and who are willing to sacrifice for what is right. They have a quality about them that reminds me of the beatitudes. They are living examples that Jesus’ promise is true: they have been hungry and thirsty for righteousness and they have been satisfied. They are determined, patient people who believe in life and who give strength to others.” - Cesar Chavez

August 6th is Farmworker Appreciation Day! The work of agricultural labors often goes unnoticed and unappreciated. This sadly manifests in worker exploitation at its worst or failure to patronize local farmers at its most benevolent. In a world where so many are unable to access proper nutrition, we here at SHARE want to take a moment to thank farmworkers across the world who provide for their people. And of course, we want to spotlight a couple nonprofits we are partnered with who deal in farm work and education or do their part to decrease food waste so more people can be served the food they need.

First up is The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative. MUFI promotes education on sustainable farming for within Detroit’s North End community. Their urban farm has been in operation since 2011 and they work every day to supply the community with high quality produce, whether by giving directly to community members or by providing to local markets, restaurants, and food pantries. 

Next, we have the Northville Community Foundation/Maybury Farm. Maybury Farm provides educational experiences and relaxation for children and families. They have over 100 animals and numerous opportunities for people to recognize the importance of animals in the agricultural process. Their goal is to “highlight the interdependence that land, animals, and communities have with one another.”

Then, we have Forgotten Harvest. Forgotten Harvest began in 1990 as a food rescue program that saved food from grocery stores, markets, restaurants, etc. to redistribute to community members. They have since expanded their work by starting their very own farm to expand their reach and serve those who are suffering from food insecurity. 

And last, but not least is Peace Tree Parks. Peace Tree Parks has two programs that aid in their mission of converting vacant land into gardens to support community access to fresh produce: their residential garden program and their community garden program.

We hope that you will take the time to support these organizations by attending an event, volunteering time, donating money, or shopping their wish-lists! If you are still in search of a nonprofit to support, please check out our directory here.

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