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July/August Group Volunteer Opportunities

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July/August 2024 Volunteer Opportunities
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June is National Cancer Survivors Month

“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” - John Diamond

June is National Cancer Survivors Month! According to The National Cancer Institute, cancer survivors make up 5.4% of the United States’ population, with 47% of survivors living 10 years past their cancer diagnosis and 67% of survivors being 65 and older.

How to Volunteer for the Environment in Metro Detroit

With its welcoming parks, beautiful nature preserves and conservancies, formidable and serene rivers, and long border on one of Michigan’s Great Lakes, the environment of Southeastern Michigan is one worth taking care of! At SHARE Detroit, we are partnered with many environmentally based nonprofits and our website can make it easier to find nearby organizations and opportunities to support!

Nonprofits Helping Moms Feel Beautiful in Detroit

As we mentioned last month in our newsletter, SHARE Detroit’s executive director Janette Philips made an incredible connection between two of our nonprofit partners: A Beautiful Me and A Girl Like Me. I was able to speak to Karen Palka of A Beautiful Me and Tyra Moore of A Girl Like Me to learn more about what led up to their meeting and what came of it.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

“Asian Americans inhabit a purgatorial status: neither white enough nor black enough, unmentioned in most conversations about racial identity. In the popular imagination, Asian Americans are all high-achieving professionals. But in reality, this is the most economically divided group in the country, a tenuous alliance of people with roots from South Asia to East Asia to the Pacific Islands, from tech millionaires to service industry laborers. How do we speak honestly about the Asian American condition—if such a thing exists?” - Cathy Park Hong

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